Daily Care & Needs

Our daily routine is made up of lots of child initiated play but includes some opportunities which are led by our key workers as they know us really well and know what we need to extend our knowledge and skills.


We play a really important role within our nursery. We water our plants, feed our fish, set the tables for lunch and help tidy up our zones.


Light meal and

snack room

We have a small bright area where we sit with our friends and have our meals and snacks.


Breakfast is available from 8:00 until 8:30am

Lunch is served in 3 sittings so that we can provide a lovely social opportunity for our children. Each sitting lasts for around 30 minutes and starts at 11:30.am.


Snack is available in snack bags which we can collect and can either eat in the snack room or take to the quiet  book or sensory area to enjoy. If we are unable to do our key workers will help us to ensure we eat and drink regularly throughout the day. We can access fresh water from our water machine at any time during the day


We have a lovely clean and bright bathroom and this where our nappies are changed or we visit the toilet. Our key workers are always on hand to help and support us.Our Mummies and daddies supply our nappies, wipes and creams if we require them.