Indoor Space


Within the nursery we have several zones designed to support us to initiate our own play or be guided by our professional key workers into  more planned opportunities.


Our large play space is made up of several zones full of useful fun resources we can move from zone to zone to make the most of our play and build on our knowledge and skills.


As we enter the nursery we have our theme area, this is where we can build our confidence, creativity, communication, physical development and problem solving. Along with being a fun activity, it also allows us  to get into character and act out real life roles or fictional performances.

Our indoor deconstructed role play zone is also in this space, this is where we can play with cardboard boxes,pipes, tyres and lots of our open ended resources for us to use our imagination and take us wherever we want to go.


Wood work zone, This is a brand new area to our nursery and we have to be careful in this space we wear safety glasses and our key workers support us at all times in this area,


This area creates opportunities  to be able to think creatively and develop our problem-solving skills. We develop the skill of  making our  own choices and learn through trial and error. It sparks our creative thinking and imagination, alongside developing our fine manipulative skills and Hand/eye coordination.


We also have Sand and water play in this area.


Our conservatory is where all our Messy creative experiences take place..we can even try to make our own playdough with an adult at our playdough station.


Around the room in we have mark marking  and maths stations, these are trolleys full of pens, chalks, paper, note books, clipboards, measuring tapes, calculators and scales and they provide us with all the tools we may need, most importantly these can be taken to any area of the nursery we like but we must try really hard to remember where they live so we can return them when we have finished.

lAongside the baby room is our quiet, book and sensory  zones. We love these spaces when we just want to be quiet and relax but we also have our talking sofa here too and this were we can just relax with a friend or chat with our key worker.


We have lots of stimulating resources in the sensory zone such as a bubble tube, sensory mood table and lots of treasure brackets to explore.


Our book area is cosy and offers beanbags or we can just relax on the floor if we want too. There’s always an adult here to read us stories in small groups or I can sit on their  lap and enjoy a story on my own with them.